Women, just like you, are feeling in control of food and achieving their goals working with me..

Women, just like you, are feeling in control of food and achieving their goals working with me..

Women, just like you, are feeling in control of food and achieving their goals working with me..

A Lifetime of Body Hatred to Self Confidence and Weight Loss with Mel

"I can honestly say that working with Stella changed my life. Having her support, guidance, and wisdom as I worked toward food freedom was exactly what I needed to really make a permanent change in my relationship to food and with my body. I was able to bring everything that was coming up for me to her – whether it was through emails, texts, or during our sessions – and she would help me break it down and reframe it in a way that allowed me to reconnect with my own truth and wisdom. The work we did also helped me to restore my sense of inherent self worth, and knowing that my worth is not at all connected to my weight/size has allowed me to find freedom with food, my body, and so much more. Having Stella in my corner helped me to stay accountable to practice and practice and practice these changes until they really stuck."

Stefanie - NYC

Emotional Eating and Binge Eating to Weight Loss and Freedom with Jeannette

"Stella was so empathetic right from the start. She knew exactly what I was going through and was so confident that I could resolve these issues, even though I had been dealing with this my whole life. She was so patient and kind and answered all of my many questions. Most importantly, she was there to calm me down when I went into a fear spiral. Stella used so many tools to help coach me. She’s knowledgeable about diet, fitness, psychology, and spirituality. Her approach started with food specifics, but then expanded to look at my life from a 360 degree view. . This part of work has become even more meaningful to me the farther I distance myself from diet mentalityThe biggest breakthrough was when I realized that I wasn’t broken at all! Now, I can safely say I eat very intuitively. While each day may look different, I’m able to go with the flow. I’m not counting calories, but I’m probably consuming the same amount every dayI also feel good that I’m modeling healthy eating habits for my 6-year old daughterI’m so grateful for having Stella. She undid a lifetime of diet culture. I still look back and thank my lucky stars that I found her and made the investment in this work. By far the best money I have ever spent. Thank you so much, Stella!!!!"

Grateful, DE

From Bulimia and Binge Eating to Freedom with Maddy

"I have tried and experienced success and failure with food. There is so many opinions out there. It was overwhelming to make a decision on how to incorporated food into my lifestyle. I came to Stella binging and purging. I am not afraid of food anymore. I feared so many foods in the past. I am learning how to have a plan and transition with ease. It is easy to pendulum swing, but I am looking for and accomplishing a more CONSISTENT lifestyle with food and myself. Stella is fun, vivacious and to the point. She is good at helping me see where I am stuck so I can move forward at an accelerated pace. By doing this conscripts sink in and I understand them more profoundly."

Sonia - 55